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Roy & Rosemary

Meet Roy & Rosemary, the modern take on the Piano/Violin duo. 

From the stages of Carnegie Hall to Walt Disney World Florida, this Canadian musical sensation has been capturing the hearts of audiences with their fresh musical arrangements, their technical virtuosity and their charismatic style and showmanship.

Roy & Rosemary’s niche is creating lush and captivating arrangements with a highly cinematic and theatrical influence.  This signature “Roy & Rosemary” sound  has gained a huge following through YouTube and their version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” has gone ‘viral’ with over 20 million views and counting, allowing them to share their sound with the world! 

Roy & Rosemary recently had the distinct honour to perform the world premiere of their composition, “The Courtial Concerto” written for the Ambassador of Rome at the largest sacred music festival in the world, at the Vatican.  

Roy Tan and Rosemary Siemens have already performed in a diverse number of venues ranging from intimate house concerts, to New York’s famed ‘Carnegie Hall’, including a performance as the first ever solo instrumentalist at St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican; at the Egyptian Consulate in Washington DC; at The Miss America pageant in Las Vegas, a private performance at sixteen time GRAMMY winner David Fosters home as well as performances at the Beijing and Vancouver Olympics; and even opening Hockey Night in Canada.  We hope you enjoy Roy & Rosemary the modern take on  the Piano/Violin duo!

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